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Hey! I'm Alex.

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

My name is Alex Coreas and I am the Branch Manager for Houston with LDJ Gutters. I communicate with the builders and with the crews to make sure that everyone has what they need to complete the job properly and promptly. I keep track of the inventory, order the materials for each job and send the crews their daily tasks. We communicate throughout the day and the crew sends me pictures of their completed tasks so I can make sure that we are on the same page with each job.

My wife, son and I love living right here in Texas! We also love to travel and spend a lot of time at the beach in El Salvador or Puerto Rico, where my wife’s family lives. My son loves having many of his little friends in Texas, Oklahoma, El Salvador and Puerto Rico. He is homeschooled by my wife. She is an amazing teacher!

I have been with LDJ since the beginning. I met Lou when he was just starting out and was in the process of putting a crew together. I had previous gutter experience with a gutter company and branched out on my own, along with Hugo and Frank. Janet, in inventory at the supply house that we all used, knew that we would all work effectively together. Lou had the business; we had the equipment. Lou is the nicest guy, and we are all hardworking and loyal. When we started out, we had no idea that LDJ would be as successful as it is today! We have grown a lot, but we still give each customer the attention and quick, quality work we have since the beginning.

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